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San tropez
D7 Gmaj7
As I reach for a peach slide a ride down behind the
sofa in San Tropez
Breaking a stick with a brick on the sand riding a wave in the wake of
an old sedan
G7 A7
Sleeping alone in the drone of the darkness scratched by the sand that
C7 D
fell from our love deep in my dreams and I still hear her calling If
you're alone I'll come home
[play this first time only, second time go to Coda]
Gmaj7 Gm6
Backwards and home-bound the pigeon, the dove gone with the wind and
Gmaj7 Gm6
the rain on an airplane owning a home with no silver spoon I'm drinking
champagne like a big tycoon Sooner than wait for a break in the weather
A7 C7
I'll gather my far-flung thoughts together Speeding away on a wind to a
new day if you're alone I'll come home ..And I pause
[Back to top with these lyrics]
for a while by a country stile and listen to things they say. Digging for
gold with a hoe in my hand hoping they'll take a look at the way things
stand Would you lead me down to the place by the sea? I hear your soft
voice calling to me. Making a date for later by phone. If you're alone
I'll come
[Repeat and fade out]
Gmaj 7 Gm6
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